Per Emergency Order No. 2-KS-7-11-18, effective June 2, 2018, through July 15, 2018, sport fishing is closed on the Anchor and Ninilchik rivers and Deep Creek drainages.

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You’re just one person, but you really can make a difference.

What really matters to us is uniting Alaska’s sport anglers and personal-use dip netters together into one group. The more members we have, the more impact we have on conservation and the stronger our voice is in Juneau to get legislation passed that protects Alaska’s fish and Alaskans’ rights to access those fish.

Just becoming a member does an enormous amount of good for a cause you care about. If you want to be more involved, there are many ways to make a positive difference and connect with others who care about our fisheries. Let’s make sure there are fish in Alaska’s rivers next summer and for many, many summers into the future.





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